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Vibeline Local Phone Number


The world of chatlines is constantly evolving. In fact, there are chatlines developed explicitly for different categories. This would include dedicated chatlines created for women, men, gays, and lesbians. One such dedicated chatline is that created for the Black singles. Vibeline is what would make a formidable choice for the best chatlines for the African Americans.

What is Vibeline Chatline?

Vibeline is a chatline designed for black singles. It is a great option to help connect the singles on a personal or one-to-one level. It can be for any reason – be it for sexual reasons or just for a friendly banter.

Vibeline was created in 1990 and has been active for more than 20 years. The primary aim of the chatline is to help create a safer and more engaging avenue for black people to meet and connect with other people in the same community over the phone. What makes it the go-to choice for the people in the region is that the chatline provides you with a safer and secure way to meet up the like-minded people.

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What are the standout features offered by the Vibeline chatline?

Vibeline is your perfect chatline for working with black and urban singles. Some of the salient features that would make the Vibeline chatline one of the most unique options can include

The robust chatline can handle thousands of callers simultaneously

You can check out the features through the free trial offer

You can interact with the other callers in a completely secure manner.

You can enjoy a completely ads-free performance

A 24 x 7 x 365 connectivity

Each of the calls is completely uncensored and private

Vibeline chatline Pricing

When you first join the Vibeline chatline, you can get 60 minutes as part of your trial offer. You can enjoy the free trial and explore the services offered by the platform. The free trial will be available for 7 days, after which the free trial minutes will expire. After that, you will need to opt for the paid membership.

The paid membership does not need you to create a membership profile. You can buy the call minutes and use them as per your preferences.

The pricing for the paid membership would include


$ 4
10 minutes


$ 9
30 minutes
  • (the first time you opt for this plan, you will get 64 minutes)


$ 29
120 minutes

Once you join and pay for the minutes, you will be given a member number and passcode. This can be used to make your calls from any phone number. You need not be restricted to the phone that you have registered on.

If you do not use your membership for 30 days, your account will be charged for a 10 minute maintenance fee. If your account is inactive for more than 90 days, your membership will deactivated. That apart, you will not get any refund for any minutes left on your account. However, customer service can reactivate your membership if you decide to come back.

Vibeline supports multiple payment options. Some of the channels that Vibeline supports would include

  • Prepaid credit cards.
  • Check-by-phone.
  • Western Union and
  • Cash

The Salient features of Vibeline chatline

Some of the most beneficial and promising features offered by Vibeline chatline would include

Live Connector

The Live Connector feature on the Vibeline lets you record a live greeting to introduce yourself. You can also make sure that you have indicated your prime reason for being on the chatline. Your recorded greetings will remain online as long as you are active on the chatline. This will provide you an option for the hot singles to respond to your greeting.

Private and discreet connectivity

The members and users on Vibeline can chat privately and anonymously using the chatline services. You are never asked to provide your personal information until and unless you choose to do so. No information you share will be shared with any third party.

Peak Hours

Evening hours and evenings have been considered to be the peak time for the chatline. These peak hours provide you with a better option to find the ideal partner. It is at these peak hours that singles make every attempt to socialize and have fun.

Free service for women

Vibeline provides with a completely free access to the chatlines for women.

Simple and easy to use interface

Vibeline Chatline offers you a simple and easy to use interface which allows you to use the service even with no technical expertise.

The Pros and Cons of Vibeline Chatline

Like any other chatline, Vibeline comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Before you can begin using the chatline, knowing its pros and cons can prove to be quite handy enough.

Pros of Vibeline chatline

Vibeline can be accessed on any phone

Women get a completely free membership forever

You can add some profiles to your favorites list

You can record the greetings and save them for future use

You can also send and receive messages offline

Cons of Vibeline Chatline

The advanced features are available only for the paid members

Free trial numbers tend to be busy most of the time

What membership benefits can you get with Vibeline chatline?

If you are a woman, you will not need to go with a  paid membership. You can get the benefits of a paid account even without any subscription. Men will, however, need to opt for the paid memberships after the end of their free trial.

The benefits that you can get as part of your paid membership would include

You can access the Vibeline chatline on any phone; No need to be restricted to the phone that you registered with.

Get priority customer service with your paid members

You can save your messages

Speedy renewal option that will make sure that your chats are never interrupted.

Your messages would take priority over the free member messages.

You can also take a complete advantage of the loyalty program and helps you earn bonus minutes

No annoying ads

You can manage your account online as per your convenience.

Is Vibeline chatline safe?

Vibeline as a service is entirely safe. It does not request your personal information. The chatrooms are completely private and confidential. The services would not provide you with any safety per se; they do suggest checking out a few tips to help you stay safe.

Do follow the safety tips outlined here below –

  • Do not share any of your personal information as long as you are not comfortable.
  • Do not do or commit to anything until and unless you do not want to do it
  • If you decide to meet personally, make sure that you meet in the public places
  • Follow your gut feelings and leave when you are not comfortable
  • If you need to, it is a good idea to use the Block feature.

Who is Vibeline chatline targeted at?

Vibeline chatline is specifically designed for the black singles. The chatline targets explicitly the African-American users. If you are an African American and single, you will find Vibeline to be an exceptional chatline option to connect with the like-minded people. Vibeline users across the United States state that they have never found a more safer chatline option before this. This feedback in itself should stand as a proof of the excellence that Vibeline stands for.

Vibeline chatline is created explicitly for the singles in the age group of 20 to 35. It does cover over 1000 cities from across the United States. You can get in touch with both local and non-local users rom different cities from across the United States, which include Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Detroit, St. Louis, and more!

Which areas is Vibeline chatline popular in?

Vibeline is popular in several areas across the United States. You can access it in around 1200 cities from around different states in the nation.

However, you would find the service quite popular in the following regions-

  • Chicago, Illinois – Quite popular between  8-9 pm on weekdays and 10-11 pm on weekends.
  • Boston, Massachusetts – Active between 5-6 pm.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana – Quite active between 7 pm and 10 pm.
  • Detroit, Michigan – Active callers at 4 pm.
  • Houston, Texas – Peak times at 7 pm and 10 pm.
  • Los Angeles, California– High activity at 11 pm.
  • New York – Best activity in the range of  6-9 pm year-round.

However, that should not mean you are not getting enough coverage in other areas. However, the above timings can be helpful and practical when you are looking for the best experience of getting the best local singles. Non-peak hours may not be that much prolific in letting you find the right matches.

In any case, you are free to connect with the singles whenever and wherever you wish to.

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Vibeline is a chatline service that lives up to the expectations. If you are checking out for the black singles in your region, it assures you that you can get access to the best service quality ever. No matter whether you are checking out a simple and open relationship or looking forward to an erotic moment, you will find the opportunity one of the most excellent options ever.

Using the Vibeline chatline service is simple and easy to use. Since you stand to gain access to a seven-day free trial, you can leave the service if you do not find it as per your expectations. That apart, it is one of the excellent options if you are checking out the best options in terms of safety.

If anyone is checking out the excellent, interesting, safer, and unique dating experiences, you will find Vibeline to be one of the most innovative choices.

Frequently Ask Questions

You need to create an account to recharge your account or talk minutes. However, you do not need to use your profile when communicating with the other callers. Your calls and chats will remain completely safe and secure.

You will not be able to access the Vibeline chatline service if you do not have the membership number or passcode. If you have lost them, you can call the customer service and follow the instructions to get your membership number and passcode back. However, do note that you would need to reveal your personal details to ascertain that it is you.

You can say anything you would wish in your greeting as long as it is not abusive in nature. Make sure that you have made the proper attempt to introduce yourself. Never indulge in messages such as any threats of harm/violence or any references to illegal activity. You should also avoid discrimination against the age, race, or gender.

Yes, Vibeline is completely confidential to use. Nobody in the system will ask you for any sort of your personal information. Of course, for creating your account, you are expected to share your personal information, such as address, real name, and phone number. However, all these details will remain safer and secure.

No, you need not be from North America to join Vibeline. But, if you are calling from the outside locations, you will end up paying a little more as your operator may charge an additional fee. That would mean even when you are on a free trial, you will still be charged by your operator.