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Lavender Line Phone Chat Line


Are you above 18 and looking for an erotic chatline service? You would find Lavender Line chatline to be the best option for almost all the expectations that you may have in your need for meeting likeminded women. Designed exclusively for women above the age of 18, Lavender Line Chatline is created for like-minded singles over the phone calls. It is one of the safest lesbian chatlines that provides you an excellent option to meet the lesbian women that you would wish to fall in love with.

What is Lavender Line Chatline?

Lavender Line chatline is a private and secure chatline that is specifically created for ladies who have similar interests. It has been rated to be the best and perfect chatline for phone dating and the most preferred option for satisfying your sexual impulses. You will see that most of the people on this chatline are reliable, legitimate, and safe to use.

The chatline is best suited for anyone looking for a casual hookup, a long-lasting relationship, or just a simple friendship. In essence, the chatline caters to the varied needs that you may have when it comes to any sort of preferences.

The chatline was founded in 1998 and it was one of the pioneering services that was dedicated to the lesbian community back then. As opposed to the social media sites and dating apps, the chatline service provides you with a more intimate and private communication since you do not need to share your personal information until and unless you feel comfortable to share your personal details.

The Lavender Line chatline is not just a chatline, but a beacon of hope for the lesbian women who are seeking to connect and find love. With no hassles, judgment, and criticism.

What does the Lavender Line chatline offer you?

The chatline is designed for grown-up women to check out the voice profiles of like-minded lesbians. The service caters to the women from North America and Canada. It lets the users on its platform have a one to one communication among its clients. In fact, you can have a one to one communication with the other users and establish real connections that may last a lifetime.

If you have signed up for the service only recently, you can get a generous free trial. You can easily navigate through and explore different services available on the chatline. If you find the service interesting and energizing, you can choose from among the different paid plans. You can avail of the best in class services under the paid plan.

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What are the features you can expect from the Lavender Line chatline?

If you are a single woman, and checking out the best ways to strike the cord with the new relationships, Lavender Line chatline is the best and excellent option for your needs and expectations. The platform offers you access to meaningful conversations, which would further transform into fruitful relationships.

Lavender Line chatline is the best platform to help you find an individual who has the same interests as you do. The chatline does come with a huge number of features which you would find much interesting.

Complete Privacy

If you care for your privacy, this platform is just for you. The service is completely safer and secure. You will be able to converse with other users anonymously. Until you are ready to disclose your identity, no one will force you to part with your information.

Prompt reporting system

You can report the system about any person if you find any profile to be violating the terms and conditions of the service provider. You can also report a profile if you find them to be below the legal age. You can also report any bad behaviour just in case.

Ease of signing up

The sign up process for the service is quite easy and simple. You can have a step by step process for helping you set up your account and use it.

Effective customer care service

The Lavender Line chatline is your best bet for a highly effective and efficient customer care service. The customer care service also comes with the live connector feature that allows users to perform basic actions such as flagging callers, blocking the present caller, unblocking callers, sending messages, and holding the conversation.

Ease of access to hot and sexy women

If you are looking for the incredibly hot women, they are just a call away. You can indulge in sexy chat and uncensored erotic calls with them.

A complete control over the conversation

When you are using the Lavender Line chatline, you will have a complete control over the system. You can decide to have a one to one conversation. You can even consider conversing through the messages and even take a break and call it quits. The entire decision is left to you.

Discreet and confidential

The Lavender Line chatline is 100% safer and confidential. That would mean you can feel yourself to be true to yourself when using the Lavender Line chatline. You do not need to reveal any detail about yourself until you deem it fit.

An Instant Connection

You can get in touch with the other members instantly. This will give you an excellent option to a connection with the likeminded females without any need to waste any time.

Lavender Line Chatline Pricing

Any new member who signs up with the chatline gets a free trial to help them explore the services offered by the chatline service. You will get 60 minutes of talk time free when you sign up. You can make use of these free minutes to get to know the site better. Once you are done, if you find the services of practical use for your needs, you can choose the appropriate paid plan that suits you.

The paid plans would be as per the following details –

Lavender Line

$ 4
20 minutes

Lavender Line

$ 29
180 minutes

You can make your payment using several options. Some of the options you can use include debit and credit cards, PayPal, and, of course, Western Union.

Of course, most of the straight chatline services offer free account for women who do not need to pay any money. However, since Lavender Line chatline is a dedicated women’s chatline, they cannot offer free plans. They need to make money to help the service move!

How to get started with the Lavender Line chatline?

The easiest option to get started with the Lavender Line chatline is as easy as getting started with any other chatline.

Call up the local chatline number for Lavender Line.

Record a greeting to identify you. You can create a greeting message identifying you through a short intro for yourself and a few lines about you

Listen to the other users and their greeting messages.

If you like any of these profiles, send them a chat request.

You may also get a chat request if any of the users who would have liked your profile. You may decide to accept or reject them based on your own preferences.

If the other person accepts your chat request, you can begin your one to one communication.

The Pros and Cons of Lavender Line Chatline

As with any other service, Lavender Line chatline too comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. We will check out the plus and minus points offered by the Lavender Line Chatline.


You can find the likeminded single women instantly.

It lets you choose the best options for finding the right soulmate for you

Get access to the best ways to find, meet, chat, and date like-minded women all across the country.

It is your best option to nurture an exciting relationship that remains long-lasting.


The person on the other side may lie about their real identity.

A free trial plan may be quite busy most of the time.

Is Lavender Line chatline safe?

Yes, the Lavender Line chatline is entirely safe and secure and provides you a complete secrecy of your personal and financial information. No one will ask you for any of your personal details unless you decide to share them yourself as per your discretion. The high degree of anonymity maintained on the Lavender Line chatline makes it the most secure chatline ever for practically all your needs.

Your credit card billing is also safe when you buy paid minutes from the Lavender Line chatline. The payment appears on your credit card or bank statement as Teligence, thus ensuring that no one will come to know that you are using a lesbian chatline.

Benefits of the Paid membership on Lavender Line Chatline.

Lavender Line Chatline is not a free service. You need to go with a paid option to get the most out of the chatline and the features that it offers you.

Some of the benefits that you stand to gain with the paid membership on the Lavender Line chatline would include

Get a half price for the first purchase

You can use any phone to call up the chatline by using your membership ID and password.

You can get preferential treatment in terms of customer support in case you have any queries or complaints

Here are a few tips to get the most out of Lavender Line Chatline

Now that you have decided to be the part of the Lavender Line chatline, a few tips may be helpful in providing you access to a better experience in getting the most out of the chatline.

Be respectful

Being respectful with your chat partner is the key to ensuring that you are on the right track. This will allow you both to open up and engage in honest conversations. This can help build trust between you.

Tell each other what you like about

Make your conversations more profound and more engaging by sharing what you like about each other. Make sure to convey your more profound level of feelings for your chat partner.

Stay kind

Kindness is the key to every relationship. Make sure to ensure that the talks are engaging and real because it would show how deeply you are attached to the person on the other side of the line.

Be appreciative

Appreciation is the key to getting the relationship going strong. It can help enhance your mood and create a deeper bond between the two. This can also help you understand each other in a better way.

The Concluding Thoughts

Finding a local chatline that lets you connect two lesbians may not be that easy and simple. That is more so because you would find a huge number of options available around you. Picking the best among them may not come that easy to you. Lavender Line chatline is one of the excellent options for achieving a great degree of experience when it comes to the best lesbian chatline in the United States and Canada. The free trial option lets you explore the service and understand it in a better way before you can finalize the paid plan that you wish to choose.

If you are a lesbian and looking forward to connection, friendship, or love, we would encourage you to check out the Lavender Line chatline. This is the perfect place for you to rediscover yourself and find the best community of lesbians

Frequently Ask Questions

The Lavender Line Chatline is a chat based chatline service designed for the lesbian women. It helps them connect with each other for friendship of discovering love. The chatline has been operational since 1998 and offers women the best experience in providing them a great means to mingle with likeminded women.

You, as a user, can create a profile with any name that you would please. Once you have created an account or profile, you can browse through the profiles of other users on the platform and initiate your conversations. You will find the chatline available for 24 x 7 and you can have one or the other person on the chatline to initiate your conversation.

No, Lavender Line chatline is a paid chatline. Since it is a chatline dedicated to women, it does not offer free membership to women like other straight chatlines. However, you will receive free trial minutes when you first sign up with the service.

The Lavender Line chatline offers several benefits to the lesbian women. Some of the benefits that you stand to gain would include

  • A safer option for connecting with other lesbian women
  • A great platform to connect with other women for friendship and support.
  • An excellent option to discover love
  • An option to be a part of a vibrant lesbian community