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GuysSpice Chat Line Phone Number


Are you looking for one of the exciting Gay chatline options? Hooking up with one of the best guys should prove to be something that would take you ahead in your relationships. The GuySpy chatline is the best choice as the perfect and reliable platform for every gay out there who may be looking for the great match.

The phone dating service offered by GuySpy should be quite interesting, providing a host of opportunities for eligible singles to find, meeting, and dating a perfect guy as your partner. Browse through thousands of potential matches and select the one that best meets your wavelength and thought process.

The prime features of the GuySpy dating service

GuySpy chatline service is a chatline that has been around for the last 25 years. It does offer you several exciting features, making it stand out from the rest.

Some salient features that you would find quite innovative with the GuySpy chatline can include

  • It lets you choose the hot gays in your region and create relationships that stay forever.
  • You have a lot to discover when it comes to accessing the hot singles from anywhere.
  • You also get a personalized mailbox for receiving your messages, saving drafts, and even creating your greeting messages.
  • Create your own custom personal mailboxes
  • You can add people to your hotlist or favorites list. This will help you call them faster whenever you feel like
  • GuySpy offers you authentic and genuine people from across the country. GuySpy assures that there are no fake profiles on the service. You can have your erotic chats with genuine and real people.
  • You will get notified whenever your favourite people come online on the chatline.
  • GuySpy chatline offers free minutes at specific times. You can make use of the special deals being run from time to time.
  • You do not need to share a credit or debit card. Pay only for what you consume.
  • You can make use of special loyalty programs for the paid membership plans. You can get the best loyalty programs, speed renewal feature, breakfast club, and option to send priority messages

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Any Pros and cons with the GuySpy chatline service?

GuySpy chatline service is indeed one of the best when it comes to offering you an exciting companionship. However, as with any other tool or service, you are bound to find a few Pros and Cons with the service.


You can make use of any number to make calls using your phone.

You can get in touch with gays or bisexual men. You can even search for another man to get connected

Before you can opt for the free minutes before, you can move on to the Paid plans.

You will be getting in touch with the real callers. No Fake profiles are allowed on the platform.

All your calls and messages are entirely safer, secure, and private.


While you get the free minutes to connect with your potential dates, you need to go Pro when the free minutes expire.

Free call lines tend to be busy most of the time. Getting through the free calls may not be easy.

What is the difference between Live Connector and Mailbox?

GuySpy chatline service comes with two methods to connect with your favourite guys – Mailbox and Live Connector. How do the mailbox and Live Connector differ from each other? Let us try finding out the details –


This option provides you an option to record your greetings and talk about your specific preferences. This will help the other users to get in touch with you in case your interests meet. This can be an excellent way to stay in touch even when you are away or not active on the chatline. You will get the notifications whenever someone responds to your messages or greetings.

Live Connector

This is where you can connect with the potential matches instantly. You will be able to send messages back and forth. You can get in touch for a serious one on one chat if you find that your interests match.

What makes GuySpy a better chatline than others?

GuySpy chatline helps you get in touch with your favourite contacts in a very exciting way and without any sort of complications whatsoever. Some of the benefits that you stand to gain with GuySpy that make it completely different from others can include

No need to create a profile

You do not need to create a profile to chat with your favourite contacts. Simply become a premium member and recharge your account. Pick a chatline number and get in touch with your match right away in a one to one encounter. No need for online profiles as in the case of dating websites.

Completely private and anonymous

You do not need to share any of your personal information when you contact for the first time or even until you decide to share your details yourself. You can stay completely anonymous and private as long as you wish to. Once you are sure you want to connect personally, you can get in touch by sharing your personal details.

Live Connector

The Live connector feature on GuySpy lets you connect immediately with a person of your liking based on a personal greeting message.

Free trial minutes

If you are coming to the chatline for the first time, you have the best option to make a beginning. You will get 60 minutes free to try out the features. If you are satisfied, you can buy the relevant minutes package. You need not go with a subscription but go with a minutes pack and pay from it as you use those minutes.

Morning wood feature

Well, you know what that means. The premium users on the platform can use voice calls for free between 6 and 7 a.m. This is valid only for the members who are active during other regular hours of the service.

Personal mailbox

You can set up a personal mailbox with sexy and erotic messages to introduce yourself. This can help you get access to like-minded people to get in touch with each other.

Well, these are some of the best features that set GuySpy apart from the other similar chatlines and even the dating sites.

GuySpy Voice Minute Pricing

You would find it rather simple and easy to purchase your minutes on GuySpy. Whether you are a national or international user, it is rather easy to buy your usage minutes on GuySpy.

A user from the USA and Canada can buy their minutes using services such as Paypal, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Western Union, and Check by Phone. If you are an international customer, you can try out the services such as Paypal, MasterCard, American Express, and Western Union.

Your bank statement or credit card statement will mark the transaction as “Teligence”. It will not be markeed as GuySpy voice. So, once again, you need not worry about the confidentiality. No one will get to know that you are using the GuySpy voice service.

You can get a minutes package on GuySpy in packs of 10, 32, and 90 minutes. If you are a first-time user, your 32 minutes pack will double as 64 minutes.

The pricing for the minutes’ package reads as follows –

GuySpy Voice

$ 4
10 minutes

GuySpy Voice

$ 10
30 minutes

GuySpy Voice

$ 29
90 minutes

There is no expiry and validity period. You can continue using your purchased minutes until you exhaust them. GuySpy Voice follows the Spend as You Use option for the chat minutes.

Free trial minutes for new members

If you have come to the GuySpy Voice chatline for the first time? You do not need to buy the chat minutes right away. As a first time user, you can get free trial minutes. In most of the cases, the first time users get 60 minutes of chat free.

You can make use of the free minutes to check out and explore the features available on the chatline. You can simply dial a local phone number and follow the instructions to get your free trial membership.

Tips for the best experience on the GuySpy Voice chatline

If you want to get the best experience possible on the GuySpy Voice chatline, here are a few tips that may prove to be handy and effective in taking your experience to the next level.

Meet your potential matches from your area

Make sure that you have the right plan and ideas in your mind about the guy you are looking for. Make a proper checklist in your mind of what you are looking for in your potential match.

Pick the highly trusted chatline

Well, that should be quite obvious. Pick a service like GuySpy, known for providing you with one of the genuine ways of connecting with the right matches.

Attract the other person with your mannerisms

If you have a guy whom you are interested in, and you want him to become interested in you, it is extremely important to make him trust you. Some of the tips that can help you make this possible can include
• Ask a few questions that are related to their interests.
• Talk about different places that you have visited or want to visit with the person on the other side
In essence, talk about what the other person is fond of or likes. This will make him find that you are interested in what he likes. However, when you are at it, make sure that you are not pretending to be someone that you are not.

What are the benefits of a Paid membership on GuySpy Voice?

Opting for a paid membership on GuySpy Voice can include

You have the option to save your greeting messages

You can enjoy ad-free conversations

You are allowed to send priority messages before others can send their messages

Best in class loyalty programs that can even let you get bonus chat time.

Free breakfast club between 6 to 7 am.

Why GuySpy Voice is your one stop solution for enjoying a perfect match?

Well, there are several features on GuySpy Voice that it set apart. The search process on the chatline is what would set it apart. The special algorithm that it is based on would make it a perfect pick for almost all practical situations. You can use it for meeting people with the same backgrounds that you are checking out.

No matter what your interest may be, you will find your matches on GuySpy Voice. We have the moderated profiles that are specifically designed for phone dating. The chatline has been rated to be the perfect and best option for dating the gay singles.

The GuySpy Voice chatline offers you everything you may be looking for in a chatline – in a single click. At GuySpy Voice dating service, we do know that finding a perfect phone dating partner is not that easy. That is why we strive hard and make every attempt to make it a more accessible option for all your needs.

The GuySpy Voice is indeed one of the excellent gay chatline services that you would enjoy in all its excitement. It is your one stop pick for all your needs in meeting other gay singles in your region or elsewhere. The ease of registration and use, along with an option to meet like-minded people, makes the chatline stand out from the rest.

What are you waiting for? Make GuySpy Voice your one stop solution for almost all the needs for gay singles. Check them out and share your views.

So, today is your day to find the perfect match. Check out GuySpy Voice and enjoy the most versatile and unique erotic chatline for gays.

Frequently Ask Questions

GuySpy Voice is a chatline designed specifically for men. It lets you indulge in discreet and immediate chats with thousands of local guys in your region. Your interactions will be completely on one a one-to-one basis and completely confidential.

Your free trial minutes will not work in the following cases –

  • Someone might have used the free minutes. The number you are using
  • The system is unable to read your number for some reason. You can get in touch with the chatline to resolve the issue.
  • Your membership is perhaps over.
  • It might be more than 7 days that the free trial was issued. The free trial is valid only for seven days.

You can pay for the GuySpy Voice using your credit, debit, or prepaid card, PayPal, or Western Union, or by billing your home phone through a 1-900 number. The last option may be available only in certain regions. If you are using credit cards, make sure to use Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover cards.