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Interactive Male Local Phone Number


Are you looking forward to a chatline that is specifically dedicated to males or gays? Well, Interactive Male is the best option from this perspective. It is the best chatline for gays. With over 25 years of existence, the service has become one of the most powerful options for the authentic chatlines dedicated to males.

What is the Interactive Male chatline?

Interactive Male is the best chatline for Gays. It is the specific chatline specifically dedicated to chatting and dating requirements for gays. As one of the most popular and hottest chatlines ever available for the gays, it does let you interact with the guys in your area in one of the safest ways possible.

Interactive Male is the best place for finding the best and hottest gay chat options you can lay your hands on. It should be your prime guy to guy chatline with the best outstanding features. The intuitive interface and the other outstanding features would make the chatline one of the right choices for your varied needs.

The safety, security, and other advantages offered by the Interactive Male chatline should make it one of the most desired and deserving chatline that you can opt for.

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The outstanding features of the Interactive Male chatline

The Interactive Male chatline comes with several outstanding and notable features. You can simply opt for the service and find a hot and sexy guy for fulfill your desires and passions as you like. The chatline features almost all the features and facilities that would get the men going and enjoy their wildest of dreams and intimate passions to their heart’s content.

Some of the prime features that you stand to gain with the Interactive Male service would include

Choose either local or national chat

Men joining the Interactive chatline stand to get an option to connect with both local and national chat options. That would mean you can either decide to go with the guys in the local area or across the entire country. No matter what your choice is all about, you will definitely love your talking sessions with the likeminded guys on the phone. So, you are definitely up for enjoying the best option.

Personal Mailbox

Yet another excellent option that you would find unique and impressive on the Interactive Male chatline is that it offers you a Personal Mailbox. This will let you send and receive messages 24 x 7 even when you are not active.


The hotlist feature is what lets you configure the guy you liked as your favourite. If you like your intense and steamy chat session with a guy, you can simply mark him as your favourite. This will let you initiate a conversation and receive a notification whenever the person is online. This will help you indulge in a conversation with your favourite callers whenever you feel like it.

Meet the real hot guys

Interactive Male is an ideal phone dating platform for all those guys who are on the look out for talking and connecting with you. You can indulge in an uncensored talk with your favourite guys – fulfilling your fantasies. The chatline lets you to be your real self and enjoy your wildest of fantasies.

Interactive Male Pricing

Every new member who signs up with Interactive Male will get 60 free trial minutes. You do not need to share credit card information when signing up for the free trial. All you have to do is call up the local number, pick your language, and press the pound icon. If you are eligible for the free trial, you will get your 60 trial minutes.

Once the free trial minutes are over, you can opt for the paid subscription. The pricing for the paid subscription would be

Interactive Male

$ 4
10 minutes

Interactive Male

$ 10
32 minutes
  • (the first time you opt for this plan, you will get 64 minutes)

Interactive Male

$ 29
90 minutes

Interactive Male receives payment through Debit or credit card and even through PayPal. It also accepts other payment modes such as Pre-Paid Credit Card, PayPal, Check-by-Phone, or Western Union.

What makes Interactive Male more interesting?

Interactive Male is not just a chatline. It is the platform for building unique relationships. You would find the sheer number of members on the Interactive Male chatline to be one of the most unique options. You can simply choose your best partner to have a steamy interaction with.

What’s more? The platform also provides you with an option for a Personal Mailbox. That would make it one of the most interesting and exciting options that would make your gay chatline most productive. With the Personal Mailbox, you can receive a 24 x 7 interactive messages from the other users even when you are offline. You will be able to receive messages from the other members 24 x 7.

The best features that make the Interactive Male chatline an excellent option

Interactive Male chatline is definitely a worthy option for the best gay chatline. The pioneer among the best gay chatlines, it should prove to be a great option ever. It does provide you access to an excellent experience through several unique features.

Some of the features that you would find most impressive and unique can include

Personal Mailbox and Live Connector

Through your Personal Mailbox, the hot gays hunks can leave you hot and steamy messages even when you are offline. You too can leave messages to the other persons if you like their profiles and want to establish a connection with them. Live Connector is akin to having your own private chatroom. You can simply browse through the profiles and listen to their greetings. If you get turned on any of these greetings, simply send them an invitation to begin a private chat. You can discuss anything and satisfy your urge for the best private conversation.

Hot steamy chat dates

You can make a perfect choice of your date with your chat date. You can interact with anyone from your local neighbourhood or decide to go with someone from across the country. Since you have a wide variety and a huge number of chat members, choosing the best among them should not be a huge concern. You can have a live interaction with real people. You are never talking with a robot or an operator. You will be talking to the real men.

Safer and secure interaction

Yet another powerful option offered by the Interactive Male chatline is that it is completely safe and secure. No one at the chatline or elsewhere can force you to share your information. Unless you want to share anything about you, nobody can force you to do that. Even the chatline itself does not require you to share your information or find any details. The chatline always keeps your identity confidential when interacting.

Be yourself!

Yes, this is one of the most unique features that makes it a truly formidable option to talk to. You do not need to worry about any of your actions. Just be about yourself, and you do not have to be discreet. You do not need to play sweet or have any spicy conversation. You can share everything that you feel like. Do not feel shy about anything. Indulge yourself in uncensored talks and experience the most candid moments with any profile that catches your attention.

Choice of language

Are you checking for the chatline in different languages? Well, Interactive Male is your best bet for chatting either in English or Spanish. Of course, there are no other languages as of now. Since the chatline primarily caters to the United States and Canada regions, most of the callers on the chatline are English speaking.

Morning Guard

All the paid members can have a free interaction between 6 am and 7 am every day. So, your mornings need not be dull any more. Make your mornings rock hard and enjoyable for free. You no longer need to control your morning urges and begin sharing your experiences.

How do you get started with Interactive Male?

Getting started with an Interactive Male chatline can prove to be handy and simple. Just like any other chatline, you can simply start by calling up the chatline number. Record your greeting, and you are done.

Anyone who listens to your greeting will call you up if they like your greeting or your profile. Meanwhile, you can also listen to the greetings from other profiles, and if you like any of them, you can simply send them a chat request. If the other person accepts your chat request, you can begin the private chat right away.

Likewise, you may also decide to go through chat requests you have received from other members and decide to respond to any of them if you feel them appealing. You can even select the profiles you like as your favourite and call them again later.

Pros and Cons of Interactive Male

Like most of the other chatlines, you have a few Pros and Cons that form part of the package. Having a good knowledge of both Pros and Cons will help you getting the best features of the chatline.


Created explicitly for gay men

Open to males of all ages across the United States

Ease of navigation

Best suited for men looking for a long-lasting relationship

Secure and private in every respect.


Be cautious with sharing your personal information

Tips for getting the best experience with Interactive Male chatline

Suppose you are looking forward to the best possible experience with respect to the Interactive Male chatline. In that case, it is advisable to check out the best tips to help you take an absolute care and experience the best chatline experience.

Embrace your identity

Confidence is the key for any sort of interaction, and that holds true even in the case of dating as well. Acknowledge your identity and let your true self shine

Keep a positive mindset about yourself

Approach the person on the other side with the powerful confidence. Do not lose heart if you are rejected by any user.

Record approachable greetings

Your greetings should be on proper lines. Do not make generic statements. Talk about yourself and describe what you are looking for in the chat line.

Understand the boundaries of your interaction

There are consents and boundaries beyond which most of us may not be comfortable with. Do not ever go beyond the boundaries.

Avoid being stereotypical

Each of the person you meet on the chatline is different. Do not approach everyone with the same style and have any assumptions.

The Concluding Thoughts

The Interactive Male chatline has been innovative and exciting for the users from across the United States and Canada. It is your one stop solution for talking and meeting the likeminded gay men. You stand to get access to one of the most exciting experiences when it comes to connecting with someone for either casual or long standing interaction.

Interactive Male chatline specifically caters to the privacy of each of the members and focuses on making the interaction completely anonymous. It is your safer and trusted platform to get connected and create a long lasting relationship with the likeminded males.

Frequently Ask Questions

No, there are no operators or robots on the platform. All the people or callers on the platform are real guys like me or you

Yes, once you get a paid membership, you will get a membership number and password. You can call up the Interactive Male chatline from any phone and enter the membership number and password. If you lose your membership number or password, you cannot use your paid membership.

Interactive Male chatline accepts payment from multiple payments, which include Credit Cards, Debit cards, Pre-Paid Credit cards, PayPal, Check-by-Phone, or Western Union.

It is advisable to record a greeting with the complete information on what you want to do with the chatline. Creating the first impression is the key, and we recommend you to stay true to yourself.

Yes, the Interactive Male chatline is completely safer and secure. None of your personal information is shared with anyone unless you share the details yourself. You need not give out any info about yourself if you are not comfortable.